不伦瑞克社区学院基金会, 成立于1982年, 是一个501(c)(3)慈善组织,旨在提高不伦瑞克社区学院的使命,使其达到卓越的水平,并为学生和社区服务. 基金会是为不伦瑞克社区学院的持续成长和进步而接受和征求所有捐赠的重要资源. 该基金会使学院能够满足许多不同的需求,而这些需求仅靠国家资助是无法实现的.


基金会由董事会和志愿董事以及名誉董事管理, 当然的董事. The college president and other key administrators also serve. 通过宣传, 影响力和资金支持, these leaders ensure the commitment to the community college philosophy. They support the mission and enhance the goals and lives of the students. 因为基金会的结构, friends and alumni are also involved in 筹款 initiatives and asset man年龄ment programs.



Study Abroad Students Receive BCIF Foreign Studies Scholarship

感谢不伦瑞克县跨文化节(BCIF)提供的BCIF外国研究奖学金, a group of bright minds from Brunswick Community College (det365手机版官网) – Abigail Fluharty, 玛丽莎Gainey, 莎拉·弗莱克, 和萨曼莎·贝克尔——作为学院海外留学项目的一部分,将开始一段丰富的欧洲之旅. Their itinerary includes immersive experiences in Germany (Munich, 达豪集中营), 意大利(威尼斯, 米兰), 瑞士(苏黎世).

“在当今相互联系的世界, 留学项目为学生提供了拥抱不同视角的宝贵机会,希瑟·克里斯科强调道, an instructor at det365手机版官网 and coordinator of the Study Abroad program. 财政限制往往阻碍这种体验, and we’re immensely grateful to BCIF for their generous support. 通过他们的贡献, 他们不仅为旅行提供资金,还点燃了对全球探索和理解的热情.”

最近, BCIF的黄宗玛丽娄, 还有特蕾莎·纳尔逊, det365手机版官网基金会执行董事, 和希瑟·克里斯科教练, 有幸与奖学金获得者会面,了解他们的背景和对即将到来的旅程的期望.

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就在假期之前, 长期的支持者丹尼尔和琳达莱恩斯参观了不伦瑞克社区学院基金会(det365手机版官网)。. 他们带来了10美元的礼物,000 toward an endowed scholarship established in their name in 2009. This was the most recent addition to a scholarship funds that today amount to over $350,000. “det365手机版官网 is fortunate to have the support of people like Dan and Linda, whose kindness and generosity know no bounds and has bene tted countless students,” said 密件抄送的基础 执行主任特蕾莎·纳尔逊. “为此,我们非常感激.这是莱恩夫妇访问英国广播公司的一部分, 他们找到了他们帮助过的两个学生 , Alexa埃文斯和维多利亚霍华德. 像许多基金会的捐赠者一样, the Lynes enjoy getting to know the students they support and welcome a lasting friendship. “The Lynes family has helped me continue my path to becoming a Registered Nurse,” said Howard. “我有5个孩子,如果没有其他人通过det365手机版官网基金会的支持,我就不可能完成学业,维持日常生活和账单. 在财务上的压力更小, I have man年龄d to maintain my honor roll status in the National Technical Honor Society. 我永远感激杨先生. 和夫人. 感谢他们的慷慨和支持.亚历克莎·埃文斯附和了霍华德的观点. “College is expensive and unaffordable for so many of us,” she said. “我很感激有像莱恩斯这样的家庭帮助像我这样的人获得成功所需的学位.” Pictured include (l to r) 基金会 执行主任特蕾莎·纳尔逊, Alexa埃文斯, 维多利亚霍华德, 琳达莱茵斯, 丹尼尔·莱茵斯, 以及英国商会主席吉恩·史密斯. To learn more about how you can establish a scholarship or volunteer as a mentor, 请与特蕾莎·纳尔逊联系 (电子邮件保护) or (910) 755-6530. 



The Cape Fear Cruisers Car Club is on the move in more ways than one. They hold annual car shows involving their 240-person member base and contribute $20,每年捐赠给社区组织. 俱乐部成员Peggy Lilly, President; Bob Lilly; Rich Largent, Vice President; Jackie Winters, Secretary; and Jim Hunt, 董事会成员, recently visited 密件抄送的基础 with their first-ever donation of $2,500. 这笔捐款将用于资助学生奖学金.

“What a wonderful holiday surprise to welcome the Cape Fear Cruisers Club to campus last week,” said 基金会 of det365手机版官网 执行主任特蕾莎·纳尔逊. “我们很幸运能得到这么多优秀的社区组织的支持,并非常高兴地欢迎巡洋舰俱乐部加入我们的家庭. We appreciate their generosity and look forward to working together for many years.”

成立于2006年,只有少数成员, 开普恐惧巡洋舰汽车俱乐部由134户家庭组成, 240个成员, 190辆车. They hold two annual car and truck shows in downtown Southport in late April and October. 欲了解更多信息,请访问他们的网站

了解更多det365手机版基金会的信息,以及如何改变det365手机版官网学生的生活, 联系特蕾莎·纳尔逊 (电子邮件保护) or (910) 755-6530.




科隆·弗尔纪念护理奖学金计划授予det365手机版官网护理学生杰森·斯科特·莱利两项奖学金. 第一个是美国退伍军人协会543分部提供的1500美元的优秀护理学生奖学金. 第二项是北卡罗来纳大学第二科科隆Furr护理奖学金,奖金为1美元,000.

在弗尔去世后不久,北卡罗来纳州的美国退伍军人事务部设立了科隆·弗尔护理奖学金. A resident of Asheville and longtime employee of the Asheville, VA医院, Furr was a great supporter and aimed to provide scholarships to nursing students. The first scholarship was presented in his name in 1992 and continues today.

除了支持护理专业的学生, The American Legion is a generous supporter of the Partnership of American Veteran Employment, 或PAVE程序. 该项目为退伍军人学生提供勤工俭学的机会,并使许多从军队过渡到平民生活的人受益.

For more information on 密件抄送的基础 and how you can help our students succeed, 请联系特蕾莎·尼尔森 (电子邮件保护) or (910) 755-6530.



不伦瑞克县慈善和领导女性(WPLB)享受了近三年来的第一次年度晚宴,并且比以往任何时候都更加兴奋,因为在不伦瑞克社区学院(det365手机版官网)和全县范围内为学生的生活做出贡献. Existing and new members attended, bringing along friends interested in learning more. The WPLB supports and helps shape future leaders through education, 指导, 筹款, 和宣传. 

 “We are delighted to see this fantastic group of caring women back in full swing,” said 密件抄送的基础 执行主任特蕾莎·纳尔逊. “他们的精力和热情是有感染力的. 我很幸运能认识他们,并感激他们所做的一切. Tonight alone, they raised over $11,000 in scholarships that will have life-changing effects. 他们是一个光辉的榜样,当人们为了学生和社区的利益而团结起来时,什么是可能的.”

 The evening’s program included remarks from det365手机版官网 President Gene Smith, 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊, 以及基金会副主席安·兰迪斯. Guests also heard from det365手机版官网 Student Ambassadors Dimitry Williamson and Terissa Jordan. 

感谢基金会理事会主席特蕾莎·卡罗尔, 基金会董事会副主席安·兰迪斯, 和基金会董事会成员康妮·约翰逊, 露辛达阿诺德, 简•艾伦, and Brooke Rudd Gaglie for spearheading the event and 筹款 efforts. 

To learn more about the WPLB and 基金会 of det365手机版官网, 联系特蕾莎·纳尔逊 (电子邮件保护)



今天下午, det365手机版官网感谢并庆祝我们的老学员, 教师, 工作人员, 校友, 和社区支持者在退伍军人年度午餐会上. The event began with the presentation of colors by the American Legion Post 543 Color Guard, 随后是英国商会主席吉恩·史密斯的热烈欢迎.

乔·伊拉拉,美国海军陆战队上校(退役.),以及美国海军陆战队上尉蒂姆·约翰逊(Tim Johnson).), awarded three 军事 Officers Association of America scholarships to det365手机版官网 veteran students. 其中包括吉姆·卡珀, BG USANJ纪念奖学金获得者Stephen Maples, and SENCLAND MOAA Scholarship recipients Daniel Thompson and Stephanie Alexander.

Rick Sessa, Past Commander of American Legion Post 543, was the keynote speaker. Mr. Sessa shared his experiences as a young service member and all he learned during his career. 他对自己在军队中获得的机会以及为退伍军人提供的服务表示感谢.




本周早些时候, SECU基金会代表Velva Jenkins和Shannon Whitley加入了满屋子兴奋的det365手机版官网教师, 工作人员, 并授予两份5美元的奖学金,给学生兰迪·伯克和娜迪亚·沃特斯每人5000美元. 这些奖项是SECU基金会“人与人之间的帮助”两年奖学金计划的一部分,该计划旨在帮助北卡罗来纳州社区学院系统的学生在学业上取得成功.

除了颁发奖学金, the SECU 基金会 surprised 密件抄送的基础 with a gift of $18,作为其职业之桥奖学金计划的一部分. det365手机版官网主席Gene Smith和基金会执行董事特蕾莎修女纳尔逊接受了支票,并感谢SECU对det365手机版官网学生的坚定支持. 恭喜Randi和Nadya.

了解更多像这样的奖学金机会, 与det365手机版官网一站式学生服务中心的财务援助代表交谈,电话:(910)755-7320或 (电子邮件保护).